Bringing it back, the dethroned wand,Waking to the light, dream earned on land,Dream hard living, beautiful figure on the stand,Feeling it, taken through thick and thin struggle,Saved them, change with the system we huggle,War Lord, the battle taken to concrete jungle,
They call on me, vision is the second choice,Pleading down, residing is the door multichoice,Well wishers, champion the course of free choice,Time running out,hour glass turned minutes gone,Well connected,lost soul to wolves am prone,The music,painting my life to cologne.
The tides, raging is their humming tune,Hurling, crawling out the holes in line,Hungry is the baby,repressed pain of hypersaline,Regretting, steam up big the destiny,Winning, champions never look on hyperstaining,Beautiful stars,from each corner stealing.


Left out

Ghettostles Creed

Intercepting shadow, upon the mirror of self,Lost in perception plane, awaken to inner self,Trivialities of thought, fulfilling desired of himself,Conditions of life, losing calm within self,Ascending to turmoil, flaming conclusions within,
ghettostles creed.
Bound torments within, dancing in flames,Hatred knocks out envy,love sweeps out lust,The vengeful success, out the window anger, In its ignorance, hatred tweets tamed,Inscribed subversions, compassions keeps to take,
ghettostles creed.
Extrinsic confusion, outwardly shines failure,Endurance fighting, smilling all out despair,Grief efforts, sooner or later actualized misfortune,Passions tamed, chaos walks out in pain,Joy tears clouding, washing drenched cheeks,
ghettostles creed.


Faith slowly sighs, the mighty slowly loses hope,
The deeds they sowed, plunged in the gatters of dark,

Harvest is to reap, upon weeds he cannot coerce,

Wishes to reap destiny, upon its fingers inks stains black,

The hard truth knocks, he cannot command things,

He chooses to reside within, intellect lost in extensive intensities,
Be strong thats what we need, massive success within darkness,

The long and ardours journey, the mind only persive results,

Good fortune struggles, mere hope for the heartaches,

Thoughts put forth undaunted efforts, actualizing the minds vision,

The heart enthrones the ideal, dream of brighter days switched on,

Yet the light flickers with joy, behold a pleasant goal they exclaim,

Indolent only see the apparent effects, experience voluntary gains,

Rising thoughts, stifled to perversion desires,

On earth we will walk, in its light we will rejoice,

Fruits foundation of efforts, results swims in the process,

Intrepid guidance of the spirit, inspirations stains the fingers,

Necessity commands, evil within heed the calls,

Righteous seizes traps, grinds lion with off with wolves.


Time has changed; the ghettos echo mournful tunes,
The sky painted with sweat, yet meager coins for the times,
Joy & sorrows forced in time, to share in the turmoil of mind,
Challenges forced out talents, revealing their charms to the wind,
Peddling the beginning of first, knowledge given to whims,
Street college breeding, a collection of evil fanaticals.

Quest for happiness, brings societal disputes theatricals,
Hands rough only to put a smile upon families, yet no river to wide,
War on poverty rages on, in the darkness on horses we ride,
Defending our dignity & virtue, western social norms bark at our door step,
Taking solace to meager sensations, dampening the spirit each step,
A moment’s joy engulfs our spirit, hope of tomorrow as we swim in struggles.

Evil inspires their spirits to their dreams, demoralized minds put in wrangles,
A mad dog barking back, yet offering it food starts to bite more,
Parents value that uncertain future, giving hope to their children more,
Engaged dreadful to their work, as long as it supports their children,
Following a good path seems intolerable, yet clouded in misery den,
Good is the fruit of victory tree, failure the fruit from the evils den.



Struggles of joy, empress of the jungle,Like a tune, you in my heart it feels like a jiggle,Long time, the tune sang for century,Lifes long work, provision for century,As wise, a definition of an owl.

Taking off, ndege bila mabawa,
Laughter ,jaza chungu nzima ka bwawa,
Dogs barks, sababu hawakujui,
Mola nangoja Baraka, ntawaondokea ka chui,
Utavuna ulichopanda, tune ya matendo.

Mtaka cha mvunguni, mstue ainame,
Shida ziko, shugulikia zako ziame,
Familia muhimu, their smile important,
Hopes to see a better tomorrow, waiter,
Wananirushia kijicho, niliwaona jicho pevu,.

Msimu ni wa mvua, panda utavuna,
Mazao ni yale yale, mbegu ni moja,
Mola nimekaribisha maombi, blessing sign yako nangoja,
Mvumilivu, kwa kivuli atakula mbivu,
Ngware narauka, kutafuta mbichi na mbivu kwa utulivu.

Trust ediveli

Change was invoked, carried with him love,
Caring scaled the dizzy cliffs, self-forgetfulness embracing love,
Sharing harmonized, rested upon a barren shore,
Rushing hither and thither, one came for sympathy,
Past towering oak, covering the events a shore,
Happens eluded me, yet shared every ounce of apathy.

Tormenting turmoil, thoughts ever dashing stream,
Every needy I shared, exhausted clinging to impermanent things,
Temperature sored, rising above the selfish things,
Twisted in divine order, restless among ivy of discord,
The glutton on a new delicacy, center ourselves in time code,

Trust unworthy the wielder, money leading their temporal,
Cheap is the quality of service, skeleton of their morals,
Sowing the seed of joy, in their hearts forces of desires,
Lost in the vale, impunity self-driven in the desires,
Humanity vitals, selfless service is needed,
Eco-friendly , affordable service dreade.

Life’s gamble

Guest distinguished they will be, well appreciated they will feel,
Queen beyond comparison, a journey of a thousand flowers,
Glittering will be her intellectuals, above the marvelous towers,
A guest well respected, clothes singing a tune to lui v,
Portrait well painted, tilted shall it not be,
Mouthwatering bust, ignorance and fame priority they be.

High and mighty, pawn elevated just yesterday,
Dream dates, money treaties seal day by day,
Lustful hearts, in full suit they lay their joy,
Extravaganza the podium, their voluptuous figure,
Their bodies they sell it out, burning up their better half figure,
Whole palace down, baby you are the pillars to my throne.

Angel to my fate, cherished will be nature,
Never will I be late, sadness will never be my nature,
Talented caricature, actions seen the better of mature,
Competing the rat race, actualized lions fighting nature,
Streamlined they will be, functionless will be their nature.

#aint cord or jubilee

We crawled out of the gutters, begging wasn’t the objective,
Smiling through obstacles, they watch like spectacles detective,
Wailing soul, distorted are the impulses,
Longing to see that future, with every breath and pulses,
Like vultures longing for flesh, jah deem the light of the foes,
With no brakes nor leniency, afflicting pain on me like wars,

Generation is keeping on, changes is what we resist,
Perseverance heading at the end, tunnel filled with pests,
Each wants a piece, empty are the tears of the soldier,
Waging war is what he knows, running against the tides sole dear,
Confused and invincible are his ways, spiritual robbed wondrous,
Leading the pack, judgment for the victorious,

Change iko wapi, wanadai utapewa,
Usukani umeachiwa wahuni, pesa yote pewa,
Kila siku, hewa ndio tunalewa,
Nyani uishia jangwani , kitu kidogo miti ngolewa,
Life ni flow, ka gamzo bonzo mlikwa,
Check malkia, lion anachachishiwa,

Nani alisema, ghetto itamka,
Ka national youth service, steam inachemka,
My youths, uongozi ni wetu,
Gurudumu moja,matatu ni yetu,
Kiangazi mathare, ati kaka ni mental,
Mfalme ni nare, ataki ujinga ka katal.


The streets has witnessed our journey,
Am waiting for the next journey,
I need to move on,
Can’t take it, no more,
Failure fabrique, aint my coat anymore,
Taking drastic, change head on.

Taking out favorite out to dinner,
Charity foundation for the heart,
Pity aint crowned, walk out smiling winner,
Like old wine, men come out refined at heart,
Secure is the crown to la Qin,
Humble at heart ever is la qin.

A warm cup of tea, calming the nerves,
Integrity spacious villa, blackmailing the nerves,
Desire burning out, finding our quest,
Rising above impermanent, raising above self-quest,
Quietness in betrayal, why sharing aint the communication,
Men & women rushing, hither & thither.