TaNgO eChoeInG

Dr philViRus EniGmA

Vixen cold castigate mere curiosity, norms considered taboo initiation ritual,

Pleasures signal flashy striking various poses, mission accomplished high end escorts,

Lips elaborate enthusiasm shadow crawled over, blinding smile rapture watery ends,

Shaking speaks out definitely intrigued now, tantalized senses polite embrace hidden tendency vows,

Age strangles experience willing instrument, clit salivate attention every nerve ending,

Margin attest voluptuous newly appreciated familiarity, tongue complete fingers orgasm fully attained,


ViRus EniGmA

Shift attention activate thrusters throbb prepare, generous service lingers pure passion,

gentle vibrations text panties soaked, generous service lingers thighs stunned,

Thighs beat rhythm unwind relax, radiant flowers within ignited wish no end,

Fame forgotten dementia smooth stimulating, olympious more more hidden,

Luzern cervical dialed atonement, rhythm shaking widen pulled high mourns,

Spirit ascending waves washing over aloof glorious, pleasure silently screaming deceptive thrusters accurate.









ViRus EniGmA

muelaphilLasCivioUs EdGe

Jabs withstand satisfaction, silently homage paid,

Horizon seems submission, hope lingers aid,

Holding on passions fire, trojan securely bound  laid,

Deem blooms patterns, drawn introduction could read,

Relief chaos art form, seldom ever shared,

Scent providence mislead, soft silken path enigma,


Brace moments gleam, molten river seeks release,

Glamour rush within, trace the way glorious release,

Pitch pitfalls sweat builds, dawn fights dusk,

Discretion weeps, insurgent roth finds task,

Emotional journey creeps, taste-buds send orbiting,

Ignited droplets ask?, sweet dew licking,

Negative perceives could share,positive dream thin,

Drink drowns, one night question.

HaRvesTer MoJo

Always nudging our spirit, changing tides demand,

Territories anxious variations, embracing starlight night,

Challenge induce empathy sweet, pink flesh emotion flushed,

Intruder accepts some shout out, flex out loud declares imminence,

Creed swelling thirsty cum, regarded adjusted nipples thoughts flooding,



Intense needs fully unbridled, credits achieved pursuits silky flesh,

Growing stout sinking on pink juice,desires torrid raising tension,

Verified dance feature sirens needy, release combination value suits,

Sleeked fullness fullness grasped, firmly silver jets splashed taut thighs,

Fantasy narcissism potent between,emerge wetness orgasm jasmine,

Exhaling grunts applause appeased, urges quieted asap mojo.

BoobiE WiTcheR


Axioms equivalence lips pressing together,must reside form basis,

In between outcomes unbuttoning,petals illuminate stasis traces circles,

Tender arrangement consensus, between sheets causes sensations,

Throbbing attribute traits enticing, untouched domain reminded squirm adjourned,

Caught between heaven hell prolong, ecstasy pushes button muthinieroticious,

Still wreathing of-course eruption begins,fingers envelope sucking harder witcher,





Covers entwine orgasms hot milky lava, spews forth coating her tongue eruption even,

Lips pressing together acquired dusk postulated, milf riding rodeo remainder passion,

Kiss justification passion distinguishes pit, jockey hole combination even,

Blue flows agenda relief existence, through cheerless rage no strings attached,

Maleficence senses reeling passion melting, second sooth mauling slipped,

True savoring erupting necessitation,  more atrocious consumed conclusion.




Designated space, reforms favors lucid,

Option pace, misused trace seed,

Ramification  tweeze,globe debt succeed,

Readiness wheeze, lobe dice agreed,

Changing cause, certainly will greed,

Agenda flout, outdoor rally freed,

Distribution anvir,delaware stains weed,

Light weight, aggressive demands creed,

Restriction vacation, jedi week seed,



Still taste gone already, squint cervix lock down,

Side grown cold, under the eaves woke,

Curls of spring coloured peels,most likely that drop,

Anointed between thighs, wreath squirm applauded,

Citron dangling like ambers, both bloom best winter.