What, therefore, your thoughts are, that’s your real self; and the world around,
Both inanimate and inanimate, wears the aspects with which thoughts cloth it,
Yet each day we strive for that beautiful life, wishing to attract the perfect one,
Forgetting that which we attract, is who we are, fed by our thoughts to be the one,
All we dream of is just a simple room of harmony, we need some love,
Neither I could stand up like a lion, me nah gonna fear, shared is the love,

All that we are is but the sum of thoughts, yet we feel so good to rise,
Yet like birds of one feather may flock together, still they blame circumstance,
Tricks they use each fateful day, screaming eagle; it savors of the low-chuckling owl,
When he hunts the park of the night, though it shows its permit, they throw allegations,
Victimization becomes the tune, circumstance becomes the rhythmizations,
Troubled lands, pledges made and signed in sweat, hustle while fishing that beautiful life,

Kneel down and pray, stalking thoughts of pain, six feet under lost is another life,
Gather me pass, though through hot coals, mistakes embrace them at heart,
We a pray, yet dreaming never to be their prey, waiting upon that day like lost art,
Free like a bird, on ma journey me nah give up the fight, the wanderer sighed to the skies,
For a while potential lost, the wise creating problems philosophically, vultures above with ties,
I don’t wanna be victimized, just wanna live ma life, don’t wanna take that breath,

Your lungs keep juggling within the prison of the ribs, yet with a simple diss, I take dat breath from ur jugular,
In the ghetto, sick ambitions, funerals become the most welcomed festivity, for the popular,
Let’s make a toast, you are swayed by circumstance, yet deep inside it waits for the day it assassinates ur goals,
Free like a bird, of themselves they possess, beliefs hang all our sorrows and joys, infallible truth dwells,
Verdict guilty, jobless and marred with killed talents, no platform drawn, taken to the grave yards,
Circumstance given power, weeds will invade the gardens of our minds, in so doing you submit to those outward things, slaves you are to them.