Generation left un attended, hooligans,
Survival for the fittest, exposing their guns,
Took the path, less travelled it was,
Life’s tale, drenched with sorrow it was,
Stinging tears, strong at heart forged on,
Prayers left unanswered, blessing postpone,
We are victims of our choices.

Ghetto youth, a poem to atrocities,
Hustling day in & out, travelled from cities to cities,
To see your seed smile, inspiration to see the future,
In class to get knowledge, mediocrity of lecture,
Challenge tell the tale, the streets humming to your tune,
Cries with no tearz, to the clouds I sing my tune,
We are victims of our choices.

Like a lion, I will live my mark,
Stories will be told, like a journey to the park,
Invade hypocrites, like cancer destroys them in out,
Kitambo wanaidisinfect, lawama ndio watatupa ka lot,
Barabara ndio hio,blue print ni yetu,
Wheels of fortunes, kuiturn ni kikwetu,
We are victims of our choices.