Thoughts tears

Followed happiness, but always happiness eluded me,
Life is wheel of fortune, harmony of pain fighting me,
Scaled the cliffs, like a struggler swiftly past the oak,
Pursed no more, thoughts fighting action to the throat,
No mourning anymore, searching while within plot.

Singing along, the chill spot comforts,
Actions to bottled, trying to keep me out,
Destiny me hunger, fate hold me feet,
Remember the days, no more hiding in the fort,
Everything me crave, waiting my thoughts kiss my action,

Packing the doubts, thrown to the graves of dark,
Shared my best, against the pillow of my dreams,
Most high light my path, friends me need you to show,
Good have a friend in good, evil swallowed by dark,
Together lofty is the way, salvation swimming in dreams.