Step by step, climbed to get a good view of life,
The helm was beautiful, but mixed facades of life,
Everything was beautiful, but plastered on a shattered mirror,
Heavens above glared; there was a reflection as it were mirror,
Why beg?, for that u av the power to achieve,
Everything is for a season, the wind whispered,
The clouds with no rain.

Be easy, time will come for humble smiles,
Everything that seemed lost, forgotten will be the sighs,
Gentle will the wind, unbruised will be the soul,
Joy will be the tune; exytment will furnish the soul,
The road to recovery, to many huddles to ignore,
No time to linger, no room to sleep or snore,
The clouds with no rain.

Troubled less is the heart, comfort at last sort,
Journey taken with dreams, yet never looked over the shoulder lot,
Filled with enthusiasm, stranded…

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