time will tell…


Tales untold cram and come out with nothing,
Bitter is the taste, a who feels it knows it,
Like leaves are swayed by wind, feel nothing,
Just like the ant, struggling becomes a treat,
Outlaw is the tune, pressure under the steam,
9 months she cries 9 months lake of tears.

Time is but an hour glass, emerging generation lost,
Streets tell ur tale, in ur thoughts each day lost,
Love keeps the smile, without it no future,
The journey begun, yet no glimpse of the brighter future,
Sweat each day, smiles lost in mixed reactions,
9 months she cries 9 months lake of tears.

Dreams become a cup of tea, yet unstimulated is the mind,
Concrete jungle nothing to smile about, tattoo the bible deep in mind,
Two birds flown by, a couple filled with smiles,
Foundations they build together, brick after brick furnished…

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