Better days are coming, pagans running,
Like bitter lemon, their eyes stinging,
Diamonds falling, like the actualized out laughing,
Standing from far, forever doves make my heart smile,
From the rivers of Babylon, I see heavens sharing blessings,
The silver on the shanty, better days are coming,

The lamb, fame is what they sort in his name,
Wolves woven in sheep clothing, how shames reins,
Disadvantaged care they, storm is coming cloaked in their shame,
Strong willed, soldier on in HIS NAME,
Change whispering, the leaf responding to be swept how lame,
Staring keenly, vagaries is their shining armor, tamed they will be,

A thief, why be one,
Yard bigger, garrison dream I need one,
Some want to know, answers shackled within,
Knowledge shared, furthest at the helm,
Toy story, good and bad times we shared along the throne,
Sleeves we rolled tiered the road to the one.