Hearts without thieves

More drama, theatres run wild,Crying without pain, emotions gone by wind,Knocked the doors, success blown through the window,Breaking apart, no honor from the widow,Blocked energy, chakra re-established.40 years of the heart, pleasure being published,

Story told behind bullets, revolvers tell the tale,
Poverty was the boat, rowing the waves of stale,
Scared canvas of the society, Nairobi half-life,
Swan among wolves, thoughts organized to tame life.

Smiles elegance, the eyes darkened hollows,
Stench of naivety, sympathy sold in kilos,
Necessity fooled democracy, liberty definiteness of tyranny,
A keen sense of justice, clouded in the shadow of responsibility,
Honor sold to higher bidder, wagon lost its wheels.

Definiteness of decision, plans its suicidal note,
Co-operative efforts, decided to abandon plot,
Blinded by the loot, looking deep down power,
Feeding a perverted empathy, the ship without rudder,
Crushing to oblivion, drama above heavens.