Hope is the last to die

Like a ship, still trailing,
Destination, still undecided,
Thinking ahead, thoughts left distended,
Concrete jungle, faces different smiles,
Dreaming to achieve, had it rough all miles.

Like HIV, our story went viral,
Life jury, immediate verdict on trial,
Luck knocked my doors, in debt I jumped off the window,
Left to struggle with toddlers, tears of the widow,
Justice is the cry; an headed is the advice,
Morals of an ally cat, sugarcane here & there the vice.

The strong will lead, the weak will rebel,
Guerrilla is the war, sorted by the gun barrel,
Humming of the weak, system burning their dreamz,
Strange are the methods, resilient is their rimz,
Wheelz well threaded, ligi soo ndio destination,
Mbio za sakafuni, ukingoni ndio motion.
Birds of the same feather, still floating,