It’s all me


The big ship wrecked, sailing away it is,
Hold one; be true to him with truce,
Like a child, the eyes are the window to innocence,
Blinded by the loot, never falling for the blues,
Erased by nature, hidden in plain sight.

Shopping all corners, money aint a problem,
Being sloppy, the agenda hidden farthest Jerusalem,
Genuine few, in you they seek asylum,
Beauty, viper in sheep’s clothing,
Craving calls, faithful the sacrificed lamb.

Walls tumbling, motives not well understood,
Stupid they see you, well laid out handout,
Literature the pen, society the canvas,
Squeezed tears of poor, consolation of their integrity out,
Eagle’s agility, protective to see through.

Me and my house, snitching aint our professionalism,
Being the first to receive, common sense to investigate journalism,
Train setter, the leader born to serve,
Swaying each corner, words exchanging words,
The ladder, success within reach.

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