Life’s gamble

Guest distinguished they will be, well appreciated they will feel,
Queen beyond comparison, a journey of a thousand flowers,
Glittering will be her intellectuals, above the marvelous towers,
A guest well respected, clothes singing a tune to lui v,
Portrait well painted, tilted shall it not be,
Mouthwatering bust, ignorance and fame priority they be.

High and mighty, pawn elevated just yesterday,
Dream dates, money treaties seal day by day,
Lustful hearts, in full suit they lay their joy,
Extravaganza the podium, their voluptuous figure,
Their bodies they sell it out, burning up their better half figure,
Whole palace down, baby you are the pillars to my throne.

Angel to my fate, cherished will be nature,
Never will I be late, sadness will never be my nature,
Talented caricature, actions seen the better of mature,
Competing the rat race, actualized lions fighting nature,
Streamlined they will be, functionless will be their nature.