Trust ediveli

Change was invoked, carried with him love,
Caring scaled the dizzy cliffs, self-forgetfulness embracing love,
Sharing harmonized, rested upon a barren shore,
Rushing hither and thither, one came for sympathy,
Past towering oak, covering the events a shore,
Happens eluded me, yet shared every ounce of apathy.

Tormenting turmoil, thoughts ever dashing stream,
Every needy I shared, exhausted clinging to impermanent things,
Temperature sored, rising above the selfish things,
Twisted in divine order, restless among ivy of discord,
The glutton on a new delicacy, center ourselves in time code,

Trust unworthy the wielder, money leading their temporal,
Cheap is the quality of service, skeleton of their morals,
Sowing the seed of joy, in their hearts forces of desires,
Lost in the vale, impunity self-driven in the desires,
Humanity vitals, selfless service is needed,
Eco-friendly , affordable service dreade.