Time has changed; the ghettos echo mournful tunes,
The sky painted with sweat, yet meager coins for the times,
Joy & sorrows forced in time, to share in the turmoil of mind,
Challenges forced out talents, revealing their charms to the wind,
Peddling the beginning of first, knowledge given to whims,
Street college breeding, a collection of evil fanaticals.

Quest for happiness, brings societal disputes theatricals,
Hands rough only to put a smile upon families, yet no river to wide,
War on poverty rages on, in the darkness on horses we ride,
Defending our dignity & virtue, western social norms bark at our door step,
Taking solace to meager sensations, dampening the spirit each step,
A moment’s joy engulfs our spirit, hope of tomorrow as we swim in struggles.

Evil inspires their spirits to their dreams, demoralized minds put in wrangles,
A mad dog barking back, yet offering it food starts to bite more,
Parents value that uncertain future, giving hope to their children more,
Engaged dreadful to their work, as long as it supports their children,
Following a good path seems intolerable, yet clouded in misery den,
Good is the fruit of victory tree, failure the fruit from the evils den.