Faith slowly sighs, the mighty slowly loses hope,
The deeds they sowed, plunged in the gatters of dark,

Harvest is to reap, upon weeds he cannot coerce,

Wishes to reap destiny, upon its fingers inks stains black,

The hard truth knocks, he cannot command things,

He chooses to reside within, intellect lost in extensive intensities,
Be strong thats what we need, massive success within darkness,

The long and ardours journey, the mind only persive results,

Good fortune struggles, mere hope for the heartaches,

Thoughts put forth undaunted efforts, actualizing the minds vision,

The heart enthrones the ideal, dream of brighter days switched on,

Yet the light flickers with joy, behold a pleasant goal they exclaim,

Indolent only see the apparent effects, experience voluntary gains,

Rising thoughts, stifled to perversion desires,

On earth we will walk, in its light we will rejoice,

Fruits foundation of efforts, results swims in the process,

Intrepid guidance of the spirit, inspirations stains the fingers,

Necessity commands, evil within heed the calls,

Righteous seizes traps, grinds lion with off with wolves.