Bringing it back, the dethroned wand,Waking to the light, dream earned on land,Dream hard living, beautiful figure on the stand,Feeling it, taken through thick and thin struggle,Saved them, change with the system we huggle,War Lord, the battle taken to concrete jungle,
They call on me, vision is the second choice,Pleading down, residing is the door multichoice,Well wishers, champion the course of free choice,Time running out,hour glass turned minutes gone,Well connected,lost soul to wolves am prone,The music,painting my life to cologne.
The tides, raging is their humming tune,Hurling, crawling out the holes in line,Hungry is the baby,repressed pain of hypersaline,Regretting, steam up big the destiny,Winning, champions never look on hyperstaining,Beautiful stars,from each corner stealing.

Left out

Ghettostles Creed

Intercepting shadow, upon the mirror of self,Lost in perception plane, awaken to inner self,Trivialities of thought, fulfilling desired of himself,Conditions of life, losing calm within self,Ascending to turmoil, flaming conclusions within,
ghettostles creed.
Bound torments within, dancing in flames,Hatred knocks out envy,love sweeps out lust,The vengeful success, out the window anger, In its ignorance, hatred tweets tamed,Inscribed subversions, compassions keeps to take,
ghettostles creed.
Extrinsic confusion, outwardly shines failure,Endurance fighting, smilling all out despair,Grief efforts, sooner or later actualized misfortune,Passions tamed, chaos walks out in pain,Joy tears clouding, washing drenched cheeks,
ghettostles creed.