Whispering fallen angel, knocks,
Body screams, the soul coughs,
It’s my guilty, blue lifeless shell,
Soul cast out, completely vanished,
Vivid red, eternity glimpse,

Joy of thousands, singing corpse,
Lowly birth, god head like plea,
Things taken, enigmatic feeling,
About to fall apart, god descended,
Confrontation ensued, who you are,

Cold tone world, in two broken,
Fine borderline, time grimes out,
Completely adrift, out comes focus,
Mirror judges, culprit broken,
Creeping unknown, thought slaps analysis.



Shrouded in mystery, forgotten,
Inventory taken, history,
From the shadows, atrociously
Karma emerged, consciously,
Knocked open, courageously,

Matter how deep, the darkness,
No night ends, dawn breaks,
Nothing settled, viper rattled,
Abilities underestimated, never breaks,
Strong heart, bereft battled,

Darkly clouded, ray of light,
The light of dawn, soldier emerges,
Surged the veins, worried images,
Raveging bones, phoenix arises,
Taunted past, all torn pieces.