Darting around truth, agitated birds essence,
confused plywood chopped, recover patches withheld,
Divine realities, centered spiritual wages withheld,
Hour glass mourns, spiritual act commence,
Patience partake work, cause possess effort,
Petitionery mind caves, calm allowed gratification,
Dreamy birds sing, lost songs hem,

Searching naked truth, idle reverie atrocities,
gross flesh perverting,splendor imprisoned indulgence,
lethargy subdue favor,sacred demands purpose,
Clear perception baffling, light hours pose,
Carnal mesh blinds, time strives indeed,
Previous receptive minutes,abiding peace sighs,
Dawn knocks prejudices,seconds seeking truth.


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Plays fool,prejudices flowing in,
Mighty claim, system non furthoms,
Brought up,feet cling on tables,
Yet consumes,family business endeavors,
sing silent,stable mind soul,
manager thoughtless,stable mind soul,

Wages cast,consequences follows them,
blame oneself,throw not someone,
cross carried,end times beacons,
call duty,sword sharpened responds,
principles adhered,consequences given measures,
lessons learned,prey kindness weakness,

swam deep,came out lessons,
experiences cloak, wolf just eats,
forget not,where it begun,
give freedom, one ponders wickedness,
Claim ownership,sees not chains,
pull down,remorse left priests.


Glorious beauty, revealed,
Hidden deep, treasures,
Fully imperishable,realized,
Master hand,reposes,
Strives patience,resolutely,
Spotless essence,absolutely,

Beautiful forms,utterly,
Hasty touch, imagines,
Prejudices cease,purely,
love embraces, gradually,
Passing away,tempers,
Peculiar heart,calm.


Doctrinal controversy,masters grandeur,
Tilled harvest,profound future,
Enduring trust,sage grandeur,
Doctrinal heathens,lack comprehension,
Infidels sing,particular view,
Sower expectancy,results preservation,

Controversy immersed,introduce elements,
Cause binds,effort endures,
Taint sublime,future stones,
Source preservation,seeds even,
Ethical miracle,peculiar saviour,
On-course patiently,distinct expectancy.


Party rhythm,purpose foundations,
Self-enslaved pouring,limitless teachings,
Mankind saviors,street proselytize,
Abjured power,opinion prejudize,
Uplift society,godhead deeds,

Annihilated impersonal,sublime humility,
Rewards limitless,exalted measures,
Boundless dominion,worthy proceeds,
Alone singled,eternal principles,
Emancipated soul,visible society,

Highest goodness,sole object,
Notorious comforts,esteemed servant,
Virtue clothed,peace simplicity,
Controlled projects,ashes blowing,
Sky black,hearts glowing.


Infinite patience, undying forgiveness,
Passionate calmness, embracing compassion,
Sublimely meek, lofty virtues,
Uncharitable nature, relinquishes statures,
Unending night, love remains,

Trying circumstances, kindly dealt,
Wordy arguments, learned treaties,
Truth frees, unchangeable law,
Soul blights, spotless harmony,
Love remains, conscious effort,

Eye discovered,personality dispersed,
Fleshly conscious,various times,
Patience trialed,humbly retains,
Midst forgiving,no words,
Most trying,love foundations.


Unconditional master, improvised vehicle,
Wears aspect, chess iscle,
Happy thoughts, serene chorus,
Voices troubled, swayed nature,
Themselves possess, nature succumbs,

Deeply troubled, gave way,
Renewed vigor, prosperous rapidly,
Hope encounters, renewed endeavor,
Disciplined mind, revolting valor,
Immortality joy, objects clothed,

Harmony sees, visible world,
Enthusiastic naturalist, hobby pursuit,
Life rambles, ponderously remarked,
Instrument sense, apprehension suit,
Wayfarer thoughtlessly, tramples upon.

Tree of life (synagogue)

Gathered ceremoniously praying, until last declare,
Mystic ladder pilgrimage, sooner or later come,
Golden round pathway, silent unavoidable tendency,
Natural intense being, more likeness become,
Growing embodiment dock, object comprehending thoroughly,
Fade-less silent hours, unpolluted joys ultimately,
Palace aid pain, thoughts constantly travelling,

Shroud lifted up, upon weary pilgrim,
Bestial thoughts polluting, truth remain hidden,
Upon below theme, spiritual sense lost,
Lost soul brooded, preying on innocent,
Spat bullets commence, hard work vainly imagine,
Obtain heavenly possession, achievement foolish indeed,
Forty six old being, merely worldly pleasures.

Birds of Tokyo


Wild unrest, dark night grieves,
Undefiled wisdom, transmuting will,
Dark uncertainty, awakened storms,
Unending gladness, whims desire will,
Unchangeable gladness, sailing perfect peace,

Existence slaps reality, truth desert doubt,
Love slits despair, realization in depth,
Opinion cast out, sorrow purged out,
Upon the shore, undying love out,
No false thought, soul so fair,
Unalloyed love, compassion awakened,

Fires of passion, spirit born,
Deathless untouched, issue of existence,
Rest undefiled, sorrow never beat,
Animal within, selfish nature cease,
Conquering dark waters, heartbeat,
Discordant voice, uprising self-possessed.