Strong is the will,weak is the body,
Curiosity left unchecked,giving into pleasures,
Treading on unknown grounds, deal with consequences,
Euphoria turned to pain,emotionally disoriented fighter,

Questions left unanswered,who is to blame,
He was the gentleman,played by the game,
Trying to take time back,wheels of fortune antagonist,
she reaches him help,all promised love lost,

True love turned upside,damn he was pauper,
Now holds the world,family wife on paper,
Filled with regrets,dark treacherous road alone,
Gentleman nowhere,like plague avoided he,

Aging first no child,plagued womb disfigured,
Countless ambitious abortions,many question lingered,
Takes solace bible,comfort to the soul,
Tales of psychology,money was the music,
Danced to the tune,reaped things sowed,
counselor doors knocked,tin tales told.





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