Silver passioN

Gazes states alive,bare alone survive,
Dirty pussy intoxicated,stress be eliminated,
Perverted exerjurates,suddenly tightened up,
Every single day,even be interested,
Just a little bit,certainly did tighten,
Amazing more twitching,shine turns rain,
Lying about most,certainly makes sense,
Body close forever,players rather surprising,
Not really sure,trying to go steady,
So hot sticky,serious tight job,
Impatient going inside,dream right ahead,
That feels incredible,immoral doing something,
Polite things surprising,know about something,
Too bad though,something special warm,
Amazing squeeze together,feels so good,
How do you,stay in control,
Already like this,best to teach,
Ahead accompanies quiet,ridiculous passion situation,
Combination rock,two orgasms later,
Am all yours,excitement pure wow,


Poison arrow shot,just some pretty,
Please forgive me,a little higher,
Doubt would kill,touch the sky,
Know about something,glad all way,
Much higher sticky,trying time tightened,
Blessed the day,but this much,
Some more spice,doing all along,
Stuff amazing nearly,on which case,
Put it in,off course moving on,
Frustration along bye,intoxicated seed trust.