LefT HorN

Genuine challenge,wonderfully gifted surgeon,
Screwed back,,tracking honing coiled,
Protested endless,hours curved fender,
Found curios,choke up high,
Headed east,talent earn appreciation,
Gagged protested,way to life,
Enough tumult,silver sacred cross,
Flash sunlight,brass pinky ring,
Time came,would need it,
Magnified lenses,interaction air water,
Several precautions,to be seen,

Confident enough,entire city around,
Distinct surveys,flickering shadows beyond,
No words,finger pointing silence,
Back melded,tango spill things,
intently strain,catch every sound,
Unwearied activity,branch tumbling waters,
Most profound,emotional sense touch,
Firm brow,victory delivered ouch,
Forsake vows,unleashed from within,
Beautiful upon,never fall upon,
Blink almost,horsemen spreading ripples.

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