It feels good to be independent again,
Earning a living and doing a job I enjoy,
My skin glows brighter,my hair loves braids,
And my feet prefer sturdy boots,over impractical heels,
I find working outdoors makes me smile,more and breathe easier,
I feel healthier, livelier, happier,
Lies within i feel,

I have never felt remorse before,It’s disgusting,
Calls my unwitting submission,submission to draw him in further,
Want to connect with a man the way I want,
My music to connect with an audience,
Emotionally Profoundly Innately,kneeling and worshiping,
Not too much pressure,reminding her who had control,
What conquered,hell of a lot of orgasms,
Lies within i feel,

I think you want to hear all the dirty,
Details of my indiscretions,the way he stopped to watch,
Lot can happen in a heartbeat though,when she whimpered wriggled,
Shall I describe the positions that were used,
The sounds she made,size of my cock,
Unbuttons my shorts and pulls them off,
taking my panties with them,
And abuse theme do it,
Lies within i feel,

Sequential going to split you in half,
Ouch kneels between my legs and spreads my thighs wide,
Taking full advantage of my flexibility,
Any time now would be great,
I writhe beneath him,wanting,aching,
Throbbing with wet arousal,
When I pull your hair,will scream for it,
Begging me to fuck you harder,deeper,
Because I love your dick,
Now stop teasing me serve it up,
Lies within i feel.