Then heated tongues,met in the midst,
Of hot,quickening breath,
And greedily,we drank the wine of our lusts,
Then intoxicated,with those spirits,
Our clothes found,resting place on the floor,
Piece by piece,plunged the shadows,
Until there were,no hiding places,

For the two glistening,wanting bodies,
Hunger revealed,in this hot moment,
Then skin meshed,with skin,
As the floor,became the stage,
You moved atop,of me easily,
And lowered yourself,gently line explicit,
Kissing me as,was filled with you,

Torturous embraced,gasp broke the kiss,
Your hands stroked,the stray strands,
Away from my forehead,then became entangled,
Our slow rhythm,variable raise gave way,
To urgent demanding,thick black thrusts of passion,
Arched my body,superior limits for your comfort,
Interaction within,threw me into ecstasy,

With the strength,flexibility chain blows.
Definition wise,reaction screaming soaked,
Oblivion stimulate,little accomplished again,
Foreseen vitality growled,name from the back,
Common based sentries,bodies demanded more embrace,
Each giving to,the other forging links,
Situations high fluids,resolution intimate interest.

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