Trail showing,concealing intention agree,
Favored source,one with least,
Cougar hypothesis,emphasizes physical response,
unconscious seeking,anecdote squirm pleasure,
Relative likelihood,abstract aggregate response,
Spaceport arching,concrete words easier,
Thrusters disagree,precise area disagreement,
Procedure leads,squirming audit trail,
Most probable,thirst fie-sty tempted,
Conjugal rights,

Such conclusion,some common pitfalls,
Deliberately concealing,leads through rational,
Increases odds,greedy were planning,
Subsequent discussion,does however guarantee,
Principal lesson,absence greatest diagnostic,
Convectional needs,met all appropriate,
Serviced spaceport,odd getting right,
Uncertainty maturity,source of difference,
Focusing attention,doubt pleasant state,
Conjugal rights.

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