PhilrotiC CreeD

I’m going to give you pleasure so good,damn skittish conjure ecstasy,

Physical relief of natural lust,felt like being in the sun,

And I promise you’ll enjoy it, tend to get a bit too happy,

Wow going to think my name is Yes,voice whisper dirty things in his ear,

An immediate picture of a carefree, down push  like feeling the warm rays on,

Your skin after being eternity,I’m here to deliver what you need,

On the mood wet drools in between,activity is allowed while keeping the mood alive,

Remember a crazy moment like that, inch by inch it’s all a cinch,

My baby’s little pussy finally getting wet?,You have no idea how much I want to,

 Fuck you until you scream with pleasure,I’m not capable of turning you down,

 Fake you to my bed and pleasure the fuck out,  sunk two thick fingers inside her,

Oiled thrusters all up zen eternity,going to ride you raw, baby, but you won’t care.