SiLver MuEla Back


Daybreak has extraordinary hypnotizing influence,
On us, idealistic observers.
When red sun slowly reveals on the rivers surface,
like in a mirror,

It reminds of two lovers embracing,
Just by looking into each others eyes.
In such deep and serious commitment,
Without unnecessary words,

That spoil the instant of confidence.
Water is not stopping it’s course,
Neither does the sun.
That’s what makes it so exceptional,
So magnificent.

The only tie is their gentle admiration,
As their love is greater than space separating.

Evil inspires their spirits to their dreams, demoralized minds put in wrangles,

A mad dog barking back, yet offering it food starts to bite more,

Parents value that uncertain future, giving hope to their children more,

Engaged dreadful to their work, as long as it supports their children,

Following a good path seems intolerable, yet clouded in misery den,

Good is the fruit of victory tree, failure the fruit from the evils den.